Every sale benefits our local charity partners, including 
 Grace Baptist Church of Lancaster.

Grace Baptist Church, (GBC), opens the doors to their free pantry, The Sharing Place, on the second Sunday of each month.  GBC's Community Support Team provides food, personal care, and household items to anyone who may have need.  Items donated by JBF Lancaster Consignors are lovingly shared with Lancaster community members who could use a helping hand.

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187 Lancaster Consignors donated 4,608 items after the Spring, 2022 sale. These items have an estimated value of $16,609.99


Have you thought about donating?

We highly recommend donating your items each sale—why? We have found that those who choose to reduce items for the half-price sale and also donate unsold items tend to price to sell. That means more items are likely to sell due to the great value shoppers receive during the half-price sale. And if items do not sell, they are donated to our Charity Partner. So no matter what, everyone wins!

Notes from a few of our Charity Partners

"Can’t thank you enough for this support."

Thanks so much for the FABULOUS donations!  Quality was fantastic!


A special thanks for the shoes!  We were completely out of shoe donations when yours came in! Can’t thank you enough for this support.




Mary Jean, Cradles to Crayons

"...generous donations of JBF consignors."

Our free clothing giveaway would not be what it is today without the generous donations of JBF consignors. Thank you for allowing us to bless the community through your support.

-Spring Valley Church

"I have kids. I get it."

I realize that we ALL need help from time to time. To think that items my kids have loved can help someone else's littles makes it all worth it. I love to sell my things, sure. BUT knowing that no matter what I'm helping families—that's a great feeling.

• Leslie R, JBF Seller, Giver and mom of 4

"It makes me clean up. I need the nudge."

Full confession—I'm not good at going through the kids' closets to clear stuff out. Each sale season, though, I've developed the practice of going through the closets to sell and then donate if items don't sell. JBF helps to keep me from becoming THAT mom. :)

• Jeanice G, JBF Seller, Giver and mom of 1

Do you have items you'd like to sell...and then perhaps donate?

Join the thousands of local families who are part of our selling/donating family every sale! You can sell your items which ALSO helps others in our communities as they can find great items at amazing prices. And, you can then choose to donate any unsold items at the close of each sale. Those items go directly to our Charity Partner. So all you have to do is sign up, prep your items and then drop them off—that's it!

We'll do the rest!